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Light polishing


When the headlamps have lost their brightness, polishing is the best solution.

In addition to various services you can opt for polishing of headlights and rear lights. All modern cars are equipped with clusters of headlamps and rear lamps that are made of plastics. With time they become dull, the surface is covered with scratches and dents.

Worn and dull lights not only spoil the appearance of the car but they also have an impact on the optical properties of the lights, the light flow becomes dull and dispersed and all this also affects active safety.

Polished plastic lights cannot be compared to the transparency of the plastic of restored light clusters. Polishing time depends on the condition of the light but on average it takes 10-15 minutes per light.

Please remember! Tulede poleerimisega ei kao sügavad kriimustused ja täkked, vaid see annab tuledele juurde sära ja läbipaistvust nii palju, kui seda on võimalik saavutada ilma plastiku taastamiseta.


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